Charleston Police Department Investigating Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel Following Rape Accusation

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Former South Carolina state treasurer and Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is, according to authorities, being investigated by the Charleston Police Department after a formal complaint was filed against him on Monday.


In that complaint, a woman has alleged that Ravenel raped her in January of 2015 at his Charleston home. Local Charleston TV station WCIV said that the incident report it received from the police was redacted save for those few details. According to People, the incidents listed in the police report are “sex offense” and “forcible rape.”

This isn’t the first time Ravenel’s been accused of sexual assault. Last week, Fox News reported the account of Ashley Perkins, who said her mother, Debbie Holloway Perkins, had been assaulted by the reality TV star at his home in 2015 (the two were allegedly on their first Tinder date). In 2016, Ravenel reportedly agreed to a settlement with Debbie in which she received $200,000 for her silence.

Ravenel’s lawyer denied the first assault allegation, saying, “My client enjoys a certain degree of fame, which has unfortunately made him a vulnerable target for such claims. The person this woman describes is simply not the man that I know. My client is a loving father, successful businessman, and upright member of the community.”

On Friday, the production company behind Bravo’s Southern Charm series said it was investigating sexual assault allegations against Ravenel.

“Haymaker, the production company for Southern Charm, and Bravo take allegations like these very seriously. Haymaker is conducting an investigation, and once all the information is gathered and carefully reviewed, appropriate action will be taken.”


In response to a request for comment from local NBC affiliate WYFF on the rape allegation, Ravenel sent a text message saying the claim was “absolutely false,” and declined to comment further.

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