Man! She Feels Like a Dummy

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Let’s go girls! Come on!

I’m going out tonight, I’m feelin’ alright

Gonna do an interview!

Want to talk new tunes, maybe share my views

Yeah, I’ll talk about Trump, too!

Though I’m not from there, I gotta tell ya

Hillary’s just not for me

I ain’t gonna act politically correct

Yeah, Trump is more my cup o’ tea

Oh shit, now ev’ryone’s super angry

I guess it’s time for me to send a couple tweets and

Oh, oh, oh, say sorry profusely, regret it so hugely

Tweet one, tweet two!

Oh, oh, oh, take it all back, and claim it lacked context

Oh, oh, oh, dump on his morals, rest on my laurels

Tweet number three, tweet number four!

Oh, oh, oh, I want to go back yeah, to the way it was

Man! I feel like a dummy.

Great photo. Great caption.


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This Shania story blowing up is so funny to me. She’s a rich lady who makes country music and grew up in a rural area. I know the area/type and we’re not immune from falling for Trump-esque shit as a population (current example: Doug guys, I’m worried.) I would’ve been surprised if she’d said anything else.