Another Suitor Breaks Into Taylor Swift's House, Showers and Naps

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A Florida Man, who should know by now that breaking and entering is not the way into Taylor Swift’s heart (or bank robbery, or loitering, or scaling a wall, or even scarier–holy shit) appears to have burgled his way into her SoHo townhouse via ladder and broken window, taken a shower, and napped in her bed. Classic Florida Man.

The New York Times notes that the same alleged stalker whom Page Six has identified as Roger Alvarado, 22, was arrested in February on charges of breaking the door down with a shovel.

Fox notes that this is the third alleged stalking this month.

Maybe everybody regroup with flowers or something, I don’t know what she likes!

After some adorable ‘gramming with a cute boy, Glee’s Kevin McHale (Artie) has come out. Good for Glee’s Kevin McHale!


Illustration for article titled Another Suitor Breaks Into Taylor Swifts House, Showers and Naps

I’m going to use this headline convention more.

BUM BLOGGER: Brooklyn writer hasn’t done her laundry yet... but does she HAVE to?


BAD KITTY: Cat won’t stop clawing til she gets breakfast... but did roommate ALREADY FEED HER?

ROOMMATE GRUMP: ‘We need more toilet paper’... but is she SURE?

This is a fun game.

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Look, I know we all aren’t supposed to like Taylor Swift or whatever, but making jokes about men doing incredibly creepy things to terrorize her seems a little...much?