Just months after banning content that demonstrates how to make guns fire faster, YouTube is taking down more videos involving gun training and usage.

Beginning in April, the Google-owned company will block videos that intend, either directly or indirectly, to sell guns or gun accessories or teach users how to manufacture or modify firearms, ammunition, silencers, and other accessories. (You can read the policy in full here.) The company first updated its gun policy following the deadly mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas last October, and has been crafting the updated policy with firearms experts over the past four months, NPR reports.


“We routinely make updates and adjustments to our enforcement guidelines across all of our policies,” a YouTube spokeswoman said in a statement to Bloomberg. “While we’ve long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around content promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories.”

Naturally, gun lovers are pissed, and Bloomberg reports that one company has responded by taking its videos where they will be more appreciated: Pornhub.

InRange TV, which has nearly 144,000 subscribers on YouTube, criticized YouTube’s new policy as “one-sided” and announced its move to PornHub, “a proactive voice in the online community.”

“YouTube has the global dominance over the public narrative and it is unacceptable, in our opinion, for them to threaten livelihoods and legal content regardless of whatever current moral panic is in play,” wrote InRange TV’s Karl Kasarda and Ian McCollum in a Facebook post detailing the reasons for the move.


In it, they point out that there are videos demonstrating how to smoke a bong even though possession of weed is a federal offense, while gun ownership is a Second Amendment right. (According to a YouTube spokesperson, those weed videos are subject to removal.)

“We will not be seeking any monetization from PornHub and do not know what their monetization policies are, we are merely looking for a safe harbor for our content and for our viewers,” the statement continued.


Another company, gun manufacturer Spike’s Tactical, posted a far less diplomatic response to YouTube, saying, “The Liberal Left will slowly chip away at our freedoms and erode our rights, and the first step is to squelch our voice. To say we’re fucking pissed is an understatement. However we are not backing down from these bitches. SHALL NOT INFRINGE!”


Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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