Ellen DeGeneres Doesn't Believe Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue Aren't a Couple, Either

Canadian skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir brought home their third gold medal from PyeongChang for their incredibly sexy ice dancing that set the Internet’s heart aflutter and other parts a-quiver. Virtue and Moir deny they are in a romantic relationship, and much like everyone else, Ellen DeGeneres does not believe them.


The skaters appeared on Ellen on Tuesday after a fan campaign pushed them there; Virtue admits they’re generally “fiercely private” and this was their first round at the Olympics with a social media presence. You gotta wonder, have they been reading their mentions?

DeGeneres explains to Moir and Virtue (who obviously know) that a lot of people think the chemistry the two exhibit on ice makes people think they’re a couple. Pause.

“So, are you a couple?” she asks, flat out.

Virtue delivers a pretty canned response denying that they are, but says it’s a “compliment” to their performances, blah blah.

“So, you’re a couple,” Ellen responds. She then subjects them to the “Definitely Not Dating Game.” Unsurprisingly, they know each other extremely well.

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