Jezebel's Koa Beck and The Root's Danielle Belton in Conversation

Producer: Phoebe Bradford, PJ Rickards, Creative Producer: Joon Chung

For Women’s History Month, Jezebel and The Root are partnering for JezeRoot, a series that focuses on women of color, domestic workers, and sex workers.

Jezebel editor-in-chief Koa Beck and The Root editor-in-chief Danielle Belton sat down to discuss the gender issues that society would rather you ignore—and why JezeRoot will address them. The two editors explained why immigration is a feminist issue, how privileged women often rely on the exploitation of domestic workers to “lean in,” and how some facets of feminism consider sex workers’ rights a taboo issue. They conclude (and lament): “The biggest issue that kind of exists within white feminism is that the end goal just seems to be like a white man.”

Associate Video Producer, Jezebel

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There is a distressingly high number of WOC and POC who will not be able to comment here because Jez has banned them, without explanation or warning. The entire JezeRoot series is so controversial with the commenters at least in part because so many people will not be able to participate in anything that is posted to Jez. I am disappointed that this still has not been addressed. How are y’all seriously gonna sit there and talk about inclusion while you’re actively excluding WOC in your own backyard?