Teen Girl Found Dead Right Before Being Scheduled to Testify Against Alleged Rapist

Image via WWMT
Image via WWMT

Mujey Dumbuya, a 16-year-old girl in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was reported missing and later found dead under suspicious circumstances. She was set to testify against her alleged rapist this spring and her family believes Dumbuya was targeted.


CBS News reports that Quinn James was arrested in November after Dumbuya told Kalamazoo police that he had raped her multiple times starting when she was fifteen. James was the uncle of Dumbuya’s boyfriend and admitted in court that he had sex with the teenager but reportedly said it was consensual. Dumbuya was going to testify at the proceedings scheduled for April and James was ordered to have zero contact with her before the trial.

While James has not been charged in relation to Dumbuya’s death and the police have declined to comment on the case, he is considered a person of interest according to WWMT’s sources. James is currently in Kent County jail on $500,000 bond for an unrelated case involving another girl who says James raped her in 2014. According to court documents obtained by WWMT, James actually worked for Kentwood Public Schools, where Dumbuya was a student at East Kentwood High, until this most recent rape allegation.

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I wish I believed in hell, because there sure as fuck isn’t any justice in this life.