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People on the Fyre Festival Email List Are Possibly Being Scammed Again

Image via Youtube
Image via Youtube

The poor attendants of Fyre Festival, the disastrous destination festival that left people stranded in the Bahamas, are now at risk of being scammed into attending bogus luxury events again.


Vice News reports that people on the Fyre Festival mailing list have been receiving emails from a so-called Frank Tribble of a company called NYC VIP Access. Tribble is often offering tickets some pretty extravagant events, including dinner with LeBron James (for $2,999), a seat at the Met Gala (for $30,000), and early tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (for $1,500 per person.)

If all of that sounds good to be true, it probably is! Vice points out that NYC VIP Access doesn’t have much of a digital history and their website was only created this past November. Tribble also refused to tell the outlet who else he works with at VIP Access, citing vaguely that the company was created by “a couple hip-hop managers and their artists,” eventually shutting the interview down. Even if you did buy tickets for the Victoria’s Secret Show, Tribble says you would have to pick them up at will-call.


Sounds totally not like a scam, right?

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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When I Googled Frank Tribble, all I got was a bunch of articles about a Frank Tribble from L.A. who was sentenced a few years ago for illegal use of bulk commercial email, fraud, conspiracy, computer fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Same person?