Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams Get Married in 'Tell Me You Love Me,' and Guess How That Works Out?

Here’s a video/book/film/song/artwork showing two people satisfied and fulfilled by the institution of marriage, where everything is peachy on the surface and also in real life. Just kidding! They’re miserable.

Prepare your emotions to watch Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams, like two suburban screen moms, experience the highs and lows, and low lows, of pop culture’s version of traditional heterosexual monogamy in “Tell Me You Love Me.” As always, she showcases her superhuman belting skills like you would not believe.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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Baba Yaga is Too Witches for you

“You’re not somebody till you got somebody,” did I hear that right? I’m not googling lyrics.

Also, usually in these situations I’m like girl, you can do better anyway, but let’s be honest. Can’t do better than Jesse Williams.