Beyoncé Has the Most Liked Instagram Post of 2017 Because She Gave Us Hope

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

It was less than two weeks after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Things were not as bad as they would soon come to be, but they were bad enough. Morale was extremely, extremely low. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, Beyoncé offered us hope on Instagram. As a nation, we smashed that like.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement is the most liked post on Instagram for 2017, and you can see why. Not only is she perhaps the most beloved musical icon in the world, she shared good news with us when we were desperate for good news. No one knows what will happen in the coming years, but it will probably involve Beyoncé’s children saving us all.


The rest of the top ten list is dominated by Selena Gomez, who still has the most followers on Instagram, and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. But the third most liked image is also Beyoncé’s:

What she promises, she delivers.

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Maybe it’s because I’m an old, but I am constantly perplexed that Selena Gomez has the most followers on Instagram. I know she was a Disney star and she’s had a few hits, but 22 million more followers than Beyonce? H0w?