Pink Says She Was Absolutely Not Cringing During Christina Aguilera's AMAs Performance

Images via screengrab.
Images via screengrab.

After a clever producer cut to a shot of Pink making the face seen above during Christina Aguilera’s Bodyguard medley at last night’s AMAs, the internet quickly turned her reaction into Grade A content and confirmation of their (alleged) long-time feud.


But faster than you can say “Pink doing aerial choreography on the side of the Miami JW Marriott,” the singer corrected all the “negative Nancy’s” in the world with a single tweet.



[Us Weekly]

While promoting his new book at an event in Los Angeles over the weekend, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was asked about “an accusation” (presumably the one in which writer Kater Gordon claimed Weiner said she owed it to him to see her naked) and quickly brushed it off. “The allegation is not true,” he said, before continuing with this stupendous failure of a pivot:

“For like 92 hours of the show, we wanted people to be having this conversation. It’s great that we’re having it. It’s a very serious issue. It’s great that we’re having this conversation.”


It’s great! It’s great. This is all great!!


Whether or not you click this link says a lot about you.

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Do not click on the Morrissey link if you want to avoid a rage stroke.

It’s...very, very bad.