Lena Dunham Apologizes for Rejecting the Rape Allegation Against Girls Writer, or, Sharing Her 'Perspective'

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. Image via Getty.
Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. Image via Getty.

In 24 hours, Lena Dunham completely reversed her core beliefs. Wow!

On Friday, Dunham and her co-showrunner Jenni Konner issued a statement more or less stating that actress Aurora Perrineau, who accused Dunham’s friend and Girls writer Murray Miller of raping her when she was 17, was lying. On Saturday, she said whoops sorry nevermind.


On Friday, TheWrap reported that actress Aurora Perrineau has filed a police report alleging that Miller had raped her in his bed after a party at the Standard Hotel. Dunham and Konner’s original statement literally said that Perrineau was “taking down the wrong target.” They write:

While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story, our insider knowledge of Murray’s situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3% of assault cases that are misreported every year. It is a true shame to add to that number, as outside of Hollywood women still struggle to be believed.

Dunham goes on to tweet that her first tenet of politics [emphasis mine] is to support her friends:

I believe in a lot of things but the first tenet of my politics is to hold up the people who have held me up, who have filled my world with love.


Dunham has done something bad. Activists, writers, sexual abuse survivors, and famed personalities tweet at Dunham. Asia Argento: “You wrote me an email of support a few weeks ago and now you defend a rapist? WTF @lenadunham?”

Dunham has done something good! On Saturday, she issued an apology. She tweets: “As feminists, we live and die by our politics, and believing women is the first choice we make every single day [emphasis mine] when we wake up. Therefore I never thought I would issue a statement publically [sic] supporting someone accused of sexual assault, but I naively believed it was important to share my perspective [emphasis mine] on my friend’s situation as it has transpired behind the scenes over the last few months.”


And adds a lesson: “Every person and every feminist should be required to hear her. Under patriarchy, ‘I believe you’ is essential.”

The full statement here.

Unfamous women continue to do things.

Kim Kardashian West is reportedly preparing to divorce Kanye West, according to Life & Style. “It’s officially over,” they hear from an insider. As proof supposedly, Kim went to Serena Williams’s wedding alone, but maybe this has to do with the fact that Kanye and Jay-Z are not friends right now because Beyoncé also went alone. They met over the bar. It was fine.


Contemplating the life of a TMZ reporter: every day you arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport with a ticket to nowhere. Day after day, you must trudge through the security check-in line and arrive into the monotony of LAX to scan the terminals for famous people who hate you. TSA knows you; maybe you have a rapport. Maybe we’ll try Terminal 4 today, one thinks, as the people pass you by and a traveller on standby gets a nice surprise, to go home or maybe Hawaii or whatever destination is on your TMZ ticket. How often do you see a celebrity in real life? Maybe it just doesn’t happen today. Maybe someday you’ll take that flight.


Today’s get is Cardi B, who swats away wedding questions. Ho hum.

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So I genuinely have a question about believing the victims. I believe the actress who came forth and all the ones who came before her to share their stories.

But is it out of the realm of good feminism for someone to say; hey I believe women but I also believe the men I love . And the man I love, as a friend, husband, brother, father, son, said they didn’t do this so I believe them. Are we now under feminism completely required to disregard our personal relationships ? My best friend of 14 years is accused of something and I am supposed to blindly believe it even though in those 14 years he has only ever given me reason to believe he is a good, decent, human who would never hurt others ?

I don’t like Lena Dunham. I think her show isn’t great and I think she is a privileged and disconnected from the struggles of others. But I am not sure how she was supposed to react to this if she thought her friend was a good person who couldn’t possibly do this.