And the Oscars Go To...

Image via Backgrid.
Image via Backgrid.

Look carefully at the photo above. Do you recognize the woman in the blonde wig (that it’s a wig is merely an assumption, but an understandable one) as five-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams? Or the man towering over her, with the red, puffy face, as one-time Academy Award winner Christian Bale? If so, congratulations! If not, you’re excused, for this is an image of two A-list actors in full, transformative Oscar drag—which is to say they’re wholly committed to the roles for which they expect to receive Oscar buzz (if not Oscar statues), not roles as people named Oscar.

More specifically, it’s a photo from the set of Backseat, the upcoming biopic in which Bale and Adams star as former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne. The film, directed by The Big Short’s Adam McKay, won’t be released until next year (presumably in the fall), but for now, let’s enjoy these photos (first brought to my attention by Vulture) of great actors doing what they do best: playing a very intense game of dress-up in exchange for millions and millions of dollars.

Image via Backgrid.
Image via Backgrid.

If this leads to Amy Adams’s long-deserved first Oscar, the Bush years will almost have been worth it!

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Conflict: I really like Amy Adams movies and I enjoy most Christian Bale movies but I really, really, really cannot stand Dick Cheney and watching a movie about him seems like some sort of punishment. So can one of y’all watch it for me and then report back? ‘Cause I’m out.