Nutmeg, World's Oldest Cat, Says 'Fuck It'

TFW you are ready to leave this earth / Image via Youtube
TFW you are ready to leave this earth / Image via Youtube

Nutmeg, the oldest cat in the world, was alive for 32 years. But he chose this moment, right now in 2017, to say fuck it and pass over the rainbow bridge. And honestly, do you blame him?

People reports that Nutmeg first came to live with his family in the UK when his owners’ other cat, Spice, kept bring him to their house as a stray. He had a relatively chill, healthy life aside from a seizure he suffered in 2015. But he bounced right back from it, probably because he was stronger than you and I will ever be.

Unfortunately the old geezer passed away on August 29. And you’re thinking 32 years is way too long for a cat to be alive, you’d be right! The average cat’s lifespan is just 15 years, and People calculates he was 144 in feline years.


I leave you with a photo of Nutmeg on his 31st birthday, in which he looks unbelievably pissed. Goodbye sweet prince!!!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Old Nutmeg’s tale of long living warms my cold bitter heart. Yesterday, a vet tech I’m friendly with was stopped behind a Prius and a stoplight near our downtown. When the light changed to green, she saw something get tossed out the passenger window as they hit the gas. Not a fast food bag, not a towel, nope, it was a kitten. Horrified, she parked and trailed after the poor little mite. It ran under a bush and when she gave it a “hey little kitty” it sad meowed and came right to her. It’s a white and calico kitty. I heard this story this morning when I picked up meds for my dogs and I’ve been pissed all day about the heartlessness of humans, so this post of a cranky kitty living a nice pampered life made me smile. I don’t know how to post pics on here or I’d show you car-toss kitten, she’s adorbs (and safe now).