Back at, the 'love doc' is asked what are the top five things men do that turn a woman off. The doc obliges:

  1. They talk too much.
  2. They talk down to the woman.
  3. They bullshit.
  4. They talk about sex.
  5. They don't walk erect.

Being a typical man, Love Doc entirely misses the point. All of the above are the kind of crap we put up with in every man as a matter of course. If he really wants to know what turns women off, we'd present our top five:

  1. They're no good lying cheating bastards.
  2. They're crap in bed.
  3. They dump you because their head "just isn't in the right space now" and get engaged to a 17-year-old nursing student a week later.
  4. They cry
  5. They can't get erect.

We're available on a consultation basis, Mr Love Doc.