Sarah Paulson Does an Amazing Kathleen Turner Impression

There may be no other desk bit on late night programming as obviously set up as Wheel of Impressions on The Tonight Show, but who cares. If it lets a star like Sarah Paulson show off her incredible impression of Kathleen Turner she’s been sitting on, I’ll watch it.

Paulson appeared across the desk from Fallon on Tuesday night to promote American Horror Story: WTF Is This. Right out of the gate, Paulson embodies Kathleen Turner as she would be in 2017 about to go down a Slip N’ Slide.

“Listen Jimmy, believe me, I know all about those Slip N’ Slides, that long lonely crocodile mile. It always ends the same way; you run, you slide, you hit the bump and you take a dive.”


Perfect improv, or perfect scripted performance, who cares. Paulson’s Holly Hunter and Drew Barrymore are also incredible. You can either believe Paulson is such a virtuoso performer she can step into the character of any white woman within in a 20 year age range, or that she just really likes pretending to be a Turner. She still knocks my socks off.

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Sarah Paulson was really badass in Deadwood, she played this undercover Pinkerton agent trying to pin a man’s murder on his wife because she inherited his hugely profitable gold claim, and she (Paulson’s character) had been sent by the man’s family to get the gold claim back.

If anyone wants to watch a dope scene from a highly underrated early 2000s show:

*EDIT* aaaaand now I’m watching Deadwood youtube clips. So much for a productive day.