I do get it. That women's magazines are all about aspiration. They're there to guide us along in life getting thinner, richer and having copious amounts of mind-blowing sex. But if there's a line between aspiration and alienation, I think Vogue contributing editor Julia Reed crossed it this month.

Asked what she packs for her summer escape, Julia descends from her misty moutain-top of condescension and informs us:

"For my frequent trips to my family's seaside Florida home I bring my Calvin Klein black maillot, Piazza Sempione capri pants, a Nancy Gonzales alligator-and-linen tote, and bronze Manolo Blahnik mules."

That's frequent trips, bitch. Frequent fucking trips. With Manolo mules and a maillot, which sounds like some kind of French DIY implement to me. But then, I had to look up "grommeted belts" in my fashion dictionary the other day, so what the hell do I know.

For the record, Julia is thin and pinched and if her daughter ever got fat, I think she'd have a breadown. My kind of role model.