18-Year-Old Woman Accused Of Murdering Her 22-Year-Old Boyfriend

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In a story that will surely grip the British tabloids for weeks, an 18-year-old woman is currently in police custody after her 22-year-old boyfriend's bloodied body was found in the basement of the home she currently shares with her parents.


The suspect, Kat McGrath, was reportedly celebrating the results of her A-Level tests at a house party on the night Alyn Thomas, 22, was killed. Thomas and McGrath, who had been dating for a year, according to the DailyMail, allegedly had a fight during the party, and Thomas was found dead in the basement of McGrath's home hours later. "‘It is terrible, just terrible. Alyn loved Kat to bits. She did fine in her A-levels and went out with a lot of friends from school later to celebrate. It was a big day for them all," says a friend of the couple, "We don't know exactly what happened later but Alyn is dead and the police have got Kat for it."

This story is unfortunate on many levels; a 22-year-old is dead, an 18-year-old has been accused of murder, and the story itself is already being played up as a Lifetime movie in the making: much attention is already being paid to McGrath's A-Level student status and the fact that her boyfriend, Alyn Thomas, had listed "I love Kat" twelve times in his MySpace profile while McGrath's interests were "music, party dressing, reading and acoustic guitar." It's a strange method of attempting to determine a motive (or, in this case, to presume McGrath is guilty) by scouring online profiles and making sweeping judgments based on MySpace pictures and test scores, but it's the norm whenever a story like this comes about, as I suppose nobody wants to believe that violent crime can strike, and come from, just about anyone. In any case, I suspect we'll be hearing much more about Kat McGrath in the coming weeks: the story is sad, and it is terrible, and perhaps worst of all, it's the kind of thing that sells.

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Yes, it's unfortunate that she did not conform to the typical gender role of the young female—endlessly attached and clingy. Therefore, of course she's guilty, because she was a frigid bitch that didn't turn her online profile into a shrine for her boyfriend.