Paris Hilton Goes to Burning Man Again

Paris Hilton is at Burning Man for the second time, which means it’s selfie time on the playa byotchezzzzz. She appears to be wandering through the desert swathed in gold lamé and pink fur, leading around a squad and a professional photographer and somebody to pick up her poop because it is camping, after all. Here she is parting the clouds like Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.


Kendall Jenner was sorry about the Pepsi thing. Well not exactly sorry, just in a two-second clip from the new KUWTK preview, she says “it feels like my life is over.” LITERALLY.

“You made a mistake,” Kim says.

Isabeli Fontana at the Venice Film Festival. Image via Getty.
Isabeli Fontana at the Venice Film Festival. Image via Getty.

H/t to The Sun for noticing these photos of blustery winds sweeping the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. I did not crop the photo above, that’s the whole image.

  • What do the Kardashian-Jenners talk about when they date the great songwriters and athletes of our generation? [Inquisitr]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be the first choice to play the Joker in another Batman universe movie, and this character is so tired that I don’t even care that it’s going to be directed by Martin Scorsese and styled like Taxi Driver. [NME]
  • Michael Strahan, who’s from Houston, allegedly refused to get off his vacation and cover the hurricane, but do we really expect that from him anyway, and wook at that punim. America can’t stay mad at you. He’ll be back for recovery coverage. [Page Six]
  • Kanye West is wearing a T-shirt that says “SHE IS BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL,” and TMZ believes that it is aimed at Taylor Swift, tabling the theory that he actually he doesn’t care. [TMZ]

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I heart Westies

Isn’t Paris kind of old for the festival scene? I know she probably isn’t nearly as old as I think. I think of her being about 40 which I know can’t be true, but it seems like she’s been around FOREVER. But still, truly young people must think she’s old.