MTV Has Made a Dating Show Out of a Recurring Nightmare Of Mine

Would a first date be improved if you took your clothes off before all the bullshit small talk? My mind and body are telling me “No, not really,” but MTV is telling me, “Yeah, it would, so watch our GODDAMN SHOW.”


The show in question is Undressed, which puts two strangers in a room and asks them to undress each other as a cute and fun way of breaking the ice, I suppose. The room is empty aside from a bed and a giant TV screen that broadcasts instructions like “get in the bed” and “get undressed.” Is this a nightmare or a daydream or some unholy combination of both? You tell me.

Nothing is less awkward than taking instructions from a giant screen while a cadre of producers and camera crew lurk in the shadows just out of frame, but Because they likely signed a contract that requires them to follow what the TV says, Jake and Amber and Benthley and Grace take off their clothes with varying levels of enthusiasm. Maybe this is better than swiping through Tinder while you wait for your laundry to finish, but maybe it isn’t. Who can really say? Jake and Amber and Benthley and Grace seem to be enjoying themselves. I’m happy for them.


Part of me was hoping that this turned into a Dating Naked situation, but everyone keeps their underpants on from what I can tell. I’m not entirely sure what happens after they take their clothes off, but I assume they get on the bed and get to chatting! If you want to watch this “social experiment” through to its conclusion, please feel free to watch it on August 16 at 11 P.M.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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This is the only MTV Undressed I remember, with porn quality acting, film grade, and plot points; starring then unknown, Christina Hendricks.

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