Bryan Cranston's Story About Getting Caught Boning His Wife on a Train Is Kind of Sweet

After watching this video—via Page Sixall the way through, I am now considering whether or not I would have sex with Bryan Cranston on a train traveling from Switzerland to Italy.


Here’s the tepid, 28-year-old tea: Cranston and his wife were sitting in their car on a train that was headed through a tunnel, which their travel agent assured them was at least “50 minutes” of absolute darkness. Always up for a challenge, Cranston convinced his wife, Robin Dearden, to indulge him in having some fun and not-at-all complicated sex in the front seat of their car in the pitch dark, surrounded by other people who were also sitting in their cars. Obviously, they got played by the travel agent, who probably didn’t think anyone would actually attempt full-on penetration in what was ostensibly a parking lot on wheels. But they severely underestimated Bryan Cranston.

It’s clear from the clip that Cranston has told this sordid little tale many a time—it’s probably his go-to cocktail party story, something he trots out with vigor to the uproarious laughter of family and friends, while his wife makes a big show of rolling her eyes and pouring another glass of wine, though you know that she loves it. So would I have engaged in this public display of affection with the happily married Bryan Cranston, now that I’ve heard his charming tale? In short, my answer is a resounding yes.

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Mrs. Fingerbottom

I really hate it when people have sex in public places with other people present, LIKE TRAINS. You are not as sneaky as you think you are and I did not volunteer for a role in your exhibitionist fantasies.