It Will Cost You $3,000 to Attend Vogue's New Conference

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American Vogue is throwing their own TED conference of sorts in October titled “The Forces of Fashion.” Anna Wintour stresses the event will be “intimate” which isn’t surprising considering tickets cost a whopping $3,000. Wouldn’t want those H&M-clad peasants getting in, would we?


The conference is being thrown in part to celebrate Vogue’s 125th anniversary, but also because, according to Business of Fashion, it seems like the magazine might be looking for new ways to make money in a time when print publications are struggling. Along with the panels and talks, guests who attend will get breakfast, lunch, and cocktails. The magazine will also reportedly be giving out “heavily discounted tickets” to students.

Some of the panels sound straight-up boring and hardly worth the price of admission (“fashion in the age of Instagram”) but hearing Kanye West collaborator and designer Virgil Abloh “on keeping cool” might do the audience some good?


I’m personally most interested in the panel being hosted by André Leon Talley and John Galliano on “success the second time around,” which I can only assume is really about “success after you reveal yourself to be an antisemite and are suspended from the house you design for.” Should be fun!

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This may not be a popular opinion, but I work in b2b marketing (different, non-glamorous industry). and it’s not uncommon for full passes to multi-day events to run $2-4k. This includes content sessions, networking, food, drink, etc. This is designed for people in the industry, not for consumers.