Ryan Murphy Finally Shared the Theme for the New Season of American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy has been dropping very confusing screenshots of the new season of American Horror Story on his Instagram to give fans a chance to guess what this year’s nightmare will be. Unsurprisingly, the decontextualized image of a man covered in bees didn’t in any way prepare us for this season’s title. It’s Cult.


TV Line reports that Murphy announced on Thursday at Comic-Con that AHS Season 7 will be election-themed as promised, and feature a weird melange of actors—Lena Dunham and Colton Haynes, together at last! Billie Lourd! Billy Eichner! Everybody get in here!

And here’s a little teaser trailer, which I guess is political because it features a bunch of evil clowns:

Yup, seems like the 2016 election to me.

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