Meet Brynneth Pawltro, a Kentucky Town’s Pit Bull Mayor

Image via Mayor Brynn/Facebook
Image via Mayor Brynn/Facebook

Back in November, the people of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky elected dog Brynneth Pawltro to be their mayor. The small town has a history of voting animals into office, but the election of Pawltro is great visibility for pit bulls, a sadly misunderstood breed that can make an excellent companion/and or elected official.


HuffPost reports that Brynn won with 3,300 votes, beating a chicken, a cat named Stella, and Higgins the donkey. She’ll be replacing Lucy Lou, a border collie who, according to People, has the distinction of being the only dog mayor not to die while in office. Lucy Lou has reportedly set her sights on a higher office:


Obviously, the town of Rabbit Hash is pretty small and they have no need of a mayor who isn’t allowed to lick their genitals in public. Townspeople, and other outside interests, can vote for $1 a pop and the money goes towards the town’s historical society, which, I assume mostly spends that money on documenting the many animal mayors of Rabbit Hash.

According to People, the election earned more than $8,000 and most of it went to restoring the town’s iconic general store. Ambassador positions were awarded to the 1st and 2nd runner ups, Bourbon and Lady, also dogs. Brynneth is the fourth consecutive dog to hold the title, and is owned by local student and animal hospital worker Jordie Bamforth, who is hopefully equipped to see this good dog through their tenure in office.

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s ’s all fun and games until that pit rips someone’s arm off . . . don’t hate me, those dogs fucking scare the bejebus out of me.