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Do We Need a Pitch Perfect 3? No, But I Will Sure As Hell See It Anyway

I will go to the mat for the first Pitch Perfect. Anna Kendrick is fetching and quirky; “Cups” is ideal for shower singing; and I’m pretty undiscerning in my fondness for a cappella covers. The sequel is enjoyable not so much because it is especially good, but because I am a sucker for fan service. And that is why I will absolutely see the third and final installment in the Pitch Perfect trilogy.


Based on the trailer, we can discern that the movie is set some time after college graduation. The Barden Bellas are attempting to adjust to adulthood, and it’s apparently rough-going for every single one of them. As a respite from the post-grad doldrums, the group reunites for a USO competition in Europe where, we can be certain, hijinks will ensue.

For, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, this competition is not exclusively for a cappella groups. It includes all sorts of acts including, Beca (Kendrick) remarks, “bands that actually have instruments.” One of said bands is fronted by Ruby Rose, which is a gift unto itself.


The original cast—Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Ester Dean, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow—returns for this final tour, as well as Hailee Steinfeld, whose character joins the Bellas in the sequel. And, thank goodness, Elizabeth Banks will make another appearance as Gail, along with cameos from John Lithgow and DJ Khaled.

All this—and we’re forced to wait until December 22, when the Pitch Perfect the Third hits theaters. In the meantime we’ve got the trailer, posted above, and of course YouTube has an offering of clips from the first two films. Here’s a favorite scene from the original: the famous “riff-off.”

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Mortal Dictata

Someone should make a parody where it’s an argumentative husband and wife trying to set up a tent.