Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Beyoncé's Mystery Twins

Is this an elaborate decoy? Could another “B + J” POSSIBLY have birthed twins at UCLA Medical Center? Are we being trolled? Is this performance art? E! has the details, such as they are:

As speculation that Beyoncé give birth to her and Jay Z’s twins grows, an unidentified woman was photographed Friday at a Los Angeles hospital, carrying a bouquet of pink, purple and blue flowers with two giant baby foot-shaped pink and blue balloons that read, “Baby Girl” and “Baby Boy.” An eyewitness said the woman walked into the front of the building, then got back into her car and drove into an underground parking lot. She emerged five minutes later without the flowers.

And perhaps most importantly, when the big Instagram reveal finally does roll around, what will everyone be wearing?

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Between end of cruddy season at work, and the continued stress of being a caregiver to a sick fiance, I’ve been looking into small things to make me feel less stressed. I got the big ones (puppy walks, yoga, cooking/baking, adult beverages and plant products). I’d like to try some beauty product like stuff, including BabyFeet. Anyone used it? Thoughts?

What are your favorite small things to be less stressed?

Here’s my pup being ridiculous: