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Senator Ben Sasse Is Being Trolled With Nickelback Newsletters And He HATES It

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

What is the long German word for “the pleasure derived from watching one get relentlessly spammed by Nickelback content”? Schaden...hang on one sec while I google the name of literally any Nickelback song...Photograph? Sure. Schadenfreudograph. Naaaaailed it.


I for one am giddy with schadenthisishowyouremindmeude upon having learned that Republican Senator Ben Sasse has been the unwitting victim of a flood of promo materials for the Canadian “rock” band.


It is. It’s so funny. What’s the long German word for “a political landscape so bleak that even the slightest levity makes me laugh until I scream?” Sasse has tweeted extensively about his distaste for the band in the past, so he certainly got what was coming to him. And this isn’t even the first time!

Asked for comment, Sasse told the Verge: “I’m not sure what Canada does but, in this country, cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed. This crossed a line.”

Before you’re too charmed, though, remember that Sasse opposes gay marriage, abortion and doesn’t believe in climate change. Also:

Night blogger at Jezebel

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Mortal Dictata

Well done for publicly admitting you don’t like people trolling you.

That’ll definitely stop them from doing it.