30 People Confirmed Dead in Grenfell Tower Fire With 70 Still Unaccounted For

Images via AP.
Images via AP.

Very early in the morning on Wednesday, a fire erupted in high rise apartment building Grenfell Tower in West London. The blaze spread rapidly, and three days later, officials are still searching for the missing.

The Guardian reports that police released new information on fatalities after the community expressed anger about the lack of transparency in the investigation. Currently, 30 people have been confirmed dead, and there are 70 people unaccounted for. The Telegraph collected some of the known names of the dead with pictures, mostly from the accounts of people searching for lost friends and family members.

Grenfell Towers was a low-income housing unit, and most of the people who died were people of color, many of them Muslim. The Independent reported that those up early for Ramadan may have saved more lives when it came to spreading word and evacuating people from the building. While the cause of the blaze has not been officially identified, residents had been complaining about conditions in the building since it was remodeled in 2016, but were rebuffed.


Amongst the dead was artist Khadija Saye, whose photography is currently being exhibited at the Vienna Biennale. The Independent reports that Saye posted to Facebook at 3 am Wednesday that she and her mother were trapped in their apartment, and asked people to pray for them.

Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy has said that there are still some bodies in Grenfell tower but conditions have been too hazardous to retrieve them.

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This is a nightmare. In one of the richest cities in the world, those in power once again have put money before human lives. There will be riots. There SHOULD be riots. We have been ignored too long.