Alec Baldwin Passionately Defends Kathy Griffin and Himself

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Hard to be less enthused by the prospect of reading a numbered series of tweets, and these were written by Alec Baldwin about Kathy Griffin so, yes, it took me about all morning to get around to them.


On Friday, Baldwin tweeted messages of support for Griffin, who came under national scrutiny this week for publishing a depiction of her holding aloft Donald Trump’s severed head. She apologized for it, then got fired from a ton of gigs and tweet-bashed by the President, then held a rhetorically muddled press conference about it. So it’s been a bad week for Griffin, but apparently it’s never too late to bring Alec Baldwin into the mix.


A phone call would have sufficed.

Kendall Jenner is trying to make fanny packs happen.

Either that or she’s dressed in the dark by her stylist every morning and has lost sensation in her waist.


Whatever the reason, Jenner is definitely cruising around New York City dressed like a wealthy old American lady on vacation who’s afraid she’ll be robbed on the way to the Uffizi. I’m tempted to call it Disney-World-log-fume-ride chic, but, to be fair, it’s Chanel.


The model has now worn two different fanny packs three days in a row. Kids, don’t try this at home.


Lupita Nyong’o loves pretty much everything about the new Wonder Woman movie. I mean, what else were you expecting?



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I would also like to make fanny packs happen, although I’d probably go for the low-slung-across-my-hips look. I need my hands free dammit!

Alls I’m saying is that we should consider it.