Say Yes to the Dress Consultant Confusedly Welcomes the Show's First Polygamous Couple

Image screengrab via TLC
Image screengrab via TLC

Say Yes to the Dress featured a polygamous couple—a throuple—for the first time and Kleinfeld bridal salon consultant Debbie Asprea can’t quite believe it.

In the clip below, Asprea’s face registers confusion as Peter, his wife of 10 years, Ellen, and his fiancée, Jennifer, try to explain the reason for their polygamy. “Tell me about that...” says Asprea.

Their elective polygamy has nothing to do with religion, according to Peter, who states that they’re Catholic. From People:

Ellen reveals that a bout with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder after the birth of her daughter left her repulsed by touch, which she felt was “unfair” to Peter.

He shares, “I never wanted to embarrass Ellen. and I never wanted people that don’t understand all of the details of our life, to know that I was lonely.”


The episode airs this Saturday.

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C. Montgomery Burner

Well it’s clearly not ‘say yes to the bra.’