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Welcome to Hair Care! The column in which we break down all the hottest new lock lewks our favorite celebs are rockin’!

OMG, the past few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. I’m not sure about you guys, but given that I couldn’t make it to Coachella because of a killer chest cold (ugh, echinacea does NOT work), I was LIVING for the photos of the stars hitting my ‘gram.


But before we get there... some stuff that’s wayyy more fun than trippin’ on Mucinex.

What’s this?! Becky G has got a new do! And People Chica has the scoop. God (apologies to anyone who believes using the Lord’s name in vain is a sin), they never let me down:

Spring is here and a new season calls for a new look. Becky G got in the spirit of the warm weather by getting a new haircut and sharing her latest look on Instagram. The Power Rangers star traded in her slick straight hair for darker, shorter locks.

The Mexican-American singer has cut her hair super short in the past and has even shared tons of Instagram photos trying on bob-style wigs. This time, she shared three gorgeous new images on social media to show off her new ‘do.

I never thought much about Becky’s long locks, but this new look really frames her face in a great way. Loving the texture, especially in this other shot of her having a fab time on the beach. Can you just imagine what her BF was thinking when he saw this shot? I bet it was, Man, am I lucky.

Also on the bob train—Katie Holmes! Or should I say LOB, if we’re being totally accurate, as I very seriously like to be.

Just a few weeks ago, the star was at the salon with her go-to hairstylist DJ Quintero getting matching blowouts with her daughter (and mini me), Suri. But she must have been inspired by the seasonal spring cleaning . The celebrity hairstylist posted to Instagram a photo of the fresh cut with the caption, “Chop Chop ✂️ New haircut for Miss @katieholmes212.”

Refinery 29 says they “were pleasantly surprised by the sudden change” and I could not agree more. It’s SUCH a drastic look from her long waves—I barely recognize her!



What a difference a few inches makes.

Okay, but enough with this bush league stuff: the biggest news lately has been Selena’s (yes we’re on a first name basis ever since one of her biggest fan accounts commented on my Tumblr!) drastic new look.

I mean!!!! This is like when she signed up for Spring Breakers but so much edgier. She’s really coming into her own (see 13 Reasons Why, it will break your <3) and I love it.


Okay, now a warning: What’s coming next might be a little tough to handle. I know there are BIG Cara stans out there who will show themselves in the comments (don’t @ me! My Twitter is a sacred space), but I think regardless of how you feel about her, this look is going to be polarizing.

Guys: Cara shaved her head. She’s now BALD.

Because I don’t want to get a cease and desist (I’m only one woman, and need to save my pennies for White Girl Rose hayyy) I’m going to send you over to the talented ladies (and men, hello Derek Blasberg, I see you) at Vogue for the pic. I’ll wait while you freak.




I know right! So intense, but I love how devoted to her craft she is. And damn, lady, that is some symmetrical head.

This next look might be a little blah to some of you... and I get that. But I’m here to report the facts and I invite you to keep an open mind about it.

Amber Heard dyed her hair pink.

Images via AKM/GSI

“Add Amber Heard to the list of celebrities who’ve gone pink!” People mag dot com tells me. Okay, people (hehe I crack myself up) I have!


Now Amber made this change just a couple weeks ago, and we can see that it’s already fading, so it seems like it was just a temporary embrace into the color of all millennials. I’d normally label this a little bit basic of a decision, very high school of her, but I appreciate her dipping her toes into the color water before moving on. Not every hair decision has to be drastic—but we’ll note them all anyway!

Now FINALLY onto Coachella! It wouldn’t be the mother of all festies if we didn’t have a couple looks from Kylie Jenner, who opted to go for wigs this time around. I’d be worried about the heat, but since we know celebs live a luxe life, I’m sure she was just fine. You get yours mama!

From Teen Vogue, who gives us some much-needed history on these looks:

It’s also reminiscent of the rainbow and peach wigs she debuted last Coachella, so if last year was any indication, she has another hair change or two on the (very bright) horizon.

I’m personally feeling the neon yellow/green more than the blue, just because the root work is so well done, but luckily you can choose whichever one you want!


At at the totally opposite end of the spectrum, here’s Solange, who is such an amazing chameleon.

According to her stylist, the look encompasses a number of different shades: “light auburn, honey blonde, and cinnamon brown.” I don’t even want to imagine the cost and time that went into that coloring process, but respect girl!


I know you’re exhausted (seriously, I need a PLL binge STAT after this), but speaking of chameleons, we’re going to end on Katy Perry, who has been rolling through looks lately, even more than she usually does.

First it was short:

And then she (briefly!) went back to long.

I just LOVE someone who isn’t afraid to try new things and experiment, especially in homage to her fellow celebs. Because really, isn’t that what we’re all about here at Hair Care!? Much love lovers, see you next time, and remember to use conditioner!