John Mayer Reportedly Has a Crush on 'Smoking Hot' Kendall Jenner, But He's Done Dating Celebs, Ok?

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Hollywood Life reported on Saturday that 21-year-old Kendall Jenner captivated John Mayer, 39, at the singer’s L.A. concert Friday night. How strange. Let’s investigate.


A source told Hollywood Life that Mayer, “thinks Kendall is smoking hot.” Jenner brought her close friend Hailey Baldwin to the concert with her, and Mayer reportedly developed a “mad crush” on her as well. Where could this be going? Love triangle? Two vectors extending infinitely away from John Mayer?

Probably the latter, because John doesn’t date celebs anymore. “He’s really trying to be good and not date any more high-profile women,” the source told Hollywood Life. “He prefers not being in the spotlight, but still loves beautiful women. This concert was a major challenge for him. 5 years ago he would have made a move on Kendall and Hailey, but now he exercises restraint.”

Five years ago, Kendall and Hailey would have been approximately 16 years old. Math.

[Hollywood Life]

Rihanna did this haha. No explanation provided. Just two queens switching heads.



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That’s creepy, John Mayer.

Don’t be creepy, John Mayer.