Saturday Night Social: Hosted by a Baby Hippo Who Loves to Shower

Screenshot: Facebook / Cincinnati Zoo
Screenshot: Facebook / Cincinnati Zoo

Baby hippo Fiona was born prematurely from the ashes of Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo three months ago and has been enjoying all manner of water sport ever since.


In the latest video the zoo has released, she is very pleased to be taking this shower.

Here she is playing with pool toys a couple weeks ago.

The Cincinnati Zoo is most famous for being the location where the gorilla Harambe was shot, and subsequently died, after a child fell into his enclosure. Remember when former presidential candidate Jill Stein honored Harambe repeatedly on Twitter? Those were simpler times. So I welcome this baby hippo with open arms. Same goes for the weekend, and this shower I’m gonna take. Bye.

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The Real Janelle

I gave birth last Saturday, when I was only 25 weeks along, because my high blood pressure turned into preeclampsia and then HELLP syndrome in a matter of days. Original plan was to keep me at the hospital for as many weeks as possible before delivery, but my labs turned bad and then worse and doctors think I would have died within 12 hours if I’d stayed pregnant.

This whole week has been a blur, because this is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to experience. I know babies survive at 25 weeks but the odds are still not much better than flipping a coin - and my little girl was born at only 1 lb 2 oz. She’s been good this week and doesn’t seem to have any brain or heart issues, but will need help breathing for a couple weeks. In any case, she’s a whole week old already, has gained some weight, and daddy got to see her open her eyes this afternoon. I’ve been dealing with the sheer terror I feel - but days are getting better.

Please, to all Jezzies: keep my baby in your thoughts and prayers. She has to live through this.