Sam Bee Reminds Us That Ivanka Will Probably Never Be the 'Progressive Feminist' We Need

Citing Ivanka Trump’s CBS interview, in which Ivanka said her “silence” about her father’s horrendous policies isn’t complicity, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee outlined why Ivanka will only let us down.


On Wednesday’s episode, Sam Bee explained that with her new job in the White House, Ivanka is being labeled Trump’s “eyes and ears” in the administration, which she says means Ivanka will be “spending a lot of time staring at her own boobies.” Some have hoped Ivanka would have a potentially steadying influence on her father, making climate change and women in the workplace her pet projects. And what has that amounted to? A boring lunch with Al Gore, two meetings with Leonardo DiCaprio, and finally Scott Pruitt laying his alien eggs in EPA headquarters. “Meeting with Leo DiCaprio is not a sign that you care about climate change,” says Bee, “It’s a sign you were a teenager in the ’90s.”

She gets into Ivanka’s work for her father in the past, specifically “taking the lead” on a Trump brand building constructed in Azerbaijan. The Trump International Hotel and Tower Baku never opened, and is suspected of being the front for money-laundering by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. But she sure knows business.

If Ivanka was unaware of the ties the project potentially had to financing terrorism, she either has a team that carefully guarded her from Googling any of the people she was working with or she is completely corrupt herself. Neither is a good look.

“Look, I get it, people are comforted by the thought of a progressive feminist in the White House,” says Bee, “To which I say, if you wanted that, you should have voted for it.”

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who the hell is counting on ivanka?