Mike Epps Says He's Sorry He Danced With a Kangaroo On Stage

Image screengrab via TMZ
Image screengrab via TMZ

Mike Epps brought A KANGAROO on stage during a comedy show in Detroit over the weekend and had to issue an apology for it after video footage got out. No one told him it was a bad idea.


First of all, kangaroos are incredibly scary and brolic. Second, this is like the time David Guetta brought a horse to a club and Deadmau5 told him, “Horses don’t belong in clubs.” Similarly, kangaroos don’t belong on stages. The video below from the show is pretty disturbing, as the kangaroo looks like it does not want to be there but they keep picking it up anyway while it kicks.

Epps acknowledged the stupidity of his stunt in an Instagram post on Sunday. “Look I wanna sincerely apologize to everybody ,I don’t own the kangaroo and did not mean any harm to the animal it got outta hand and Iam sorry,” he wrote. “And like I said I will be donating money to this foundation save the kangaroos ! Sorry if I offedend [sic] anybody I love animals sense [sic] I was a kid I had dogs my whole life !!”

According to TMZ, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture “wants to make sure the kangaroo was not being mishandled during the comedy show where Mike Epps performed Friday night in Detroit.”

Yes, PETA had something to say: “Traumatic situations can be fatal to kangaroos—who are not hardy animals—and this individual was subjected to a great deal of stress by being dragged in front of a boisterous crowd and forced to ‘dance.’ PETA hopes the U.S. Department of Agriculture will conduct an immediate investigation and that the backlash over this stunt will remind all comedians that there’s nothing funny about cruelty to animals.”

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this was a colossal f up on all levels, and i feel like mike owned it, but come on peta, no epps crowd has been boisterous in decades...