Daniel Craig Dresses In Drag For Excellent PSA

Is James Bond in drag enough to get people to pay attention to statistics on gender inequality? Hopefully yes, because Dame Judi Dench's voice over in this PSA for International Women's Day is great, even if Daniel Craig looks a little uncomfortable in drag. (Note for next year: Hugh Jackman would totally nail the role of Lady Wolverine.) The film, which was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, marks the first (and probably the last) time the Bond character was directed by a woman.


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I like the drag. It re-emphasizes that women are perceived as less than men. Craig loses power by putting on a dress, he becomes less than. If a woman were to put on a man's suit (the suit that he was wearing) she would gain power. Man as woman= silly ridiculous. Woman as man = serious. The whole women should aspire to be like men, men being like women should be ridiculed thing.