Harrison Ford, Get Off Your Plane

Harrison Ford’s 2015 plane crash. Image via Getty.
Harrison Ford’s 2015 plane crash. Image via Getty.

In March 2015, earring and Calista Flockhart lover Harrison Ford was severely injured when he crashed his vintage single-engine plane into a golf course near the Santa Monica airport. Almost two years later, NBC is reporting that Ford is back at it again with the airplane incidents.


The actor, whose history of bad luck with airplanes expands into the fictional Indiana Jones universe, was descending into Orange County’s John Wayne Airport Monday when he “mistakenly aimed for a taxiway [instead of a runway].” Whoops! Even after landing, Ford failed to notice his error, and reportedly asked the tower whether a Boeing 737 he flew over was “meant to be underneath” during his approach. “Landing on the taxiway,” writes NBC, “is a violation of Federal Aviation Administration safety rules.”

Now that Ford has four aviation-related blunders under his belt (in addition to the 2015 incident, he crashed a helicopter in 1999, and “clipped the runway” during an emergency landing in 2000) I have a suggestion: Harrison, get off your plane.

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You say “taxiway”, I say “alternative runway.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯