Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel Aren't Fucking Until Marriage Because Post-Virginal Chastity Is All the Rage

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Here’s a fucking story about not fucking that I fucking love: Miranda Kerr, confirmed non-virgin, has not yet had sex with her fiancé Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat who may or may not be a virgin.

In a recent interview with The Times of London, writer Richard Godwin mentioned that he uses contraception when having sex. (Why? I’m not sure.) Kerr replied, “I don’t,” adding that the reason she doesn’t have to use birth control is because she doesn’t have sex with her current partner. “Not until after we get married,” she said. “[Spiegel] is very traditional. We can’t…I mean we’re just…waiting.”

Kerr and Spiegel are the latest high-profile heterosexual couple to be involved in an openly sexless relationship wherein the woman is the mother of a child from a previous partner (aka a confirmed sex-haver), and the man is described by the woman as “traditional.” This could mean Spiegel is a virgin, a “born-again” virgin (like Russell Wilson), or that he just suddenly decided that he’d rather abstain for a while. Or maybe he’s just one of the many millennials who isn’t all that interested in sex! (Dude’s a billionaire. He has other things on his mind.)


Though the 26-year-old has never publicly revealed whether he is or is not a virgin (I’ve reached out to Snapchat for an answer to this question and expect no response), leaked emails from his fraternity days offer no evidence that he is not. In fact, they can easily be interpreted as suggesting that he might be!

In one, Spiegel comments about not receiving oral sex, doesn’t sound too broken up about it, writing “Hope at least six girls sucked your dicks last night. Cuz that didn’t happen for me.”

In another he offers a retelling of the night before, writing that “Drunk sex would be a ton of fun right now,” before following up with “I’m definitely too drunk to have sex.”

But Spiegel’s sexual status isn’t really the point. What’s most fascinating about all of this is that celebrities feel compelled to answer questions about their sex life at all. Like, Kerr could have politely said, “I’d rather not discuss our birth control methods,” to the interviewer, but she didn’t! She appears to have wanted to reveal that they don’t fuck, or at the very least felt obliged to answer. She knew it could become a story, and went with it regardless.


When there are few interesting things about you, virginity (“born-again” or otherwise) is a character trait you can ride directly into a news cycle. And if Kerr and Spiegel are any indication (now that Ciara and Russell Wilson opened the floodgates), more young, attractive, post-virginal abstainers are sure to pop up in the gossip pages sooner than later.

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Jezzies I need some big-sisterly/brotherly advice :( Articles like this make me feel shitty bc I can’t imagine anyone loving me enough to committ to me period, even without sex. I’m young (23) and sad because all my friends are getting coupled up, and I keep meeting guys who are ghosting on me, or who “aren’t looking for anything serious right now.” I date a lot, and have only recently even admitted to myself that I want a boyfriend, but I also don’t want to go into a date thinking that someone could be my future S.O., because I’ve found that’s how things don’t work out. So basically I just need some confirmation that I will find someone?? I’m mostly okay with being single, but I feel left out because everyone is doing grownup couple shit and I’m just...not.