New York City Commuters Banded Together to Erase Antisemitic Subway Car Vandalism

Solidarity, let alone eye contact, isn’t easy to come by on the New York City subway, but on Saturday night, according to a Facebook post by 27-year-old lawyer Gregory Locke that’s gone viral, New Yorkers worked together to scrub swastikas and slurs from the walls of a train car.


Locke explains in his Facebook post that he boarded the Manhattan subway car on Saturday night to find, “Swastikas on every advertisement and every window.” Everyone in the car was silent, by Locke’s account, until one guy broke the ice by remarking, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie.” From there, a group of strangers, undoubtedly tired and desiring only to return home, got to work removing the antisemitic hate speech, together. And without calling the cops.

The New York Times tracked down Locke for further insights on the citizen cleanup. “The shock quickly subsides and turns into sort of a realistic horror,” Locke said, “especially once I realized how many instances of graffiti were on the train car.”


A separate incident, on the B train (Locke’s tale of heroism occurred on a 72nd Street-bound 1 train), prompted a response from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday.

The Grio reports that police are looking into recent incidents of antisemitic vandalism in Chicago and Houston as well.

I don’t know, who might it have been?

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I saw this on twitter and I felt so many emotions all at once. Touched by the people coming together, sickened and saddened that this is happening in 2017 and then even more sickened and saddened that I’m not shocked by this. 2015 me wouldn’t and couldn’t believe this is our new reality.

Also, I just wanted to add that today would have been Trayvon martin’s 22nd birthday. And then that makes me also realize that this ugliness of America has always been here and i guess I’ve been too privileged to realize it was this bad. Until the election of trump I had the luxury of viewing it from afar and I’m ashamed at that.

Don’t know if I had a point to make but there you have it.