Mariah Carey Deserves an EGOT For This Scene With Bryan Tanaka

Fans of Mariah Carey have pointed out how fake this teaser for the finale of Mariah’s World looks. But I’m not sure why they think that.


Personally, I like to have a soft, melodramatic soundtrack—my own song, of course—playing in the background whenever I’m caught in an intimate moment with a potential lover out in the open and have it shot from a hiding-in-the-bushes paparazzi camera angle. Truly, this conversation between Mariah and choreographer/dancer Bryan Tanaka is the stuff of real life. A better scene could not be scripted:

[Sparse emotional keys and strings] 

Bryan: Are you really gonna marry this guy?

Mariah: [Heavy sigh]

[Longing stares]

Bryan: It’s just... Just wondering.

Mariah: I don’t even know what I think anymore.

Bryan: Me either.

Mariah: Well. I think you have a different set of, um, issues than me, so. I mean, it’s nice of you to try to make me feel good and stuff.

Bryan: That’s all I want. [Pause] I just want you to be happy.

Mariah: Sometimes maybe people aren’t supposed to be happy. They’re just supposed to, like, exist and...

Bryan: Nah, I think everybody should be happy.

Mariah: I don’t really know what, uh, what that means.

Bryan: Hm.

Mariah: I have an idea. But then, I don’t want it to be weird with us. So everybody’s...probably looking in.

[Sprinklers conveniently come on]

Bryan: Yeah, yeah, we should probably...

Mariah: Look, the sprinklers are comin’ on.

Bryan: Right.

Mariah: They’re just gonna... [laugh]

[Bryan kisses Mariah’s hand]

Mariah: You make me smile.

And....scene. This is a moment. Give Mariah the entire EGOT.


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Runningre: Needs Carbs

The whole time I am watching internally screaming: “No, noooo, goodness this is awkward... stop... just, no. Stop. Please stop. This is so awkward. Who wrote this scene? Stop looking at her boobs. Stop. No. Aww, hand kiss. No.”

Does anyone else want to crawl and hide under something when they experience second hand embarrassment?