Here Are Some Brand New Maned Wolf Puppies

Image via Little Rock Zoo.
Image via Little Rock Zoo.

Wolf pups (and, eventually, wolves) are perfect. They are loyal to their buddies and killers to anyone else—like me, when trying to get my squad onto the last flume ride of the day at Soak City Water Park, or a good table at a hot tapas restaurant at happy hour.


Lucky for us, we now have three more. One male and two female (nice) maned wolf pups were born on December 21 at the Little Rock Zoo to parents Gabby and Diego. They are about two pounds each and they are wonderful.

The Associated Press describes them:

The pups are covered in black fur with white-tipped tails, but when adults they will have a red coat, tall erect ears, a pointed muzzle with white-tipped tails and long slender black legs.


A post on the zoo’s Facebook page notes that the puppies look difference from their parents, who look like “foxes on stilts.” But zoo-goers won’t be able to see them for six weeks, unless they catch a glimpse of one while Gabby is moving them around.

Gabby and Diego reportedly love bananas. Congrats to the new parents.

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They are super cool looking when they get a bit older