It Is Literally Impossible for Joe Scarborough Not to Have a Bad Opinion

Frankly, it’s a free country and if Joe Scarborough wants to be bad and wrong about everything, he can. But why does he have to do it so often?

In a brief respite from his bad and wrong takes on Donald Trump, Scarborough instead turned to another well-trod topic: His bad taste in music. The conversation began when one of Scarborough’s guests, the Washington Post’s Bob Costa, expressed a good and right opinion—that Phish is a great band.

“You smell that patchouli every morning,” Scarborough said in response, making a joke even my dad would pass up as kind of lame.(Anyway, no one at Phish smells like patchouli, they smell like weed.) Then he took it one step further, detailing the type of music he likes:

  • “Fast songs that are a minute-and-a-half”
  • Like “‘Blitzkrieg Bop’—boom.” (“Blitzkrieg Bop” is 2:12)
  • Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, The Clash
  • Not Phish or the Grateful Dead

Curiously, Scarborough’s own middling musical endeavors—like this horrifying 9/11 musical tribute—are rarely, if ever kept short.


And if it seems to you Scarborough is just dissing jam bands to sound cool, consider this—Scarborough also claims to be a fan of “Graham Parsons,” who is not a musical artist but shares a similar sounding name with someone who was—Gram Parsons, whose music is intertwined with the Grateful Dead.

Joe Scarborough may be wrong about everything, but at least he’s consistent.

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Counterpoint: Phish and the Grateful Dead are absolutely fucking terrible. I hate Joe but even a broken clock blah blah blah.