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This Couple Ruined Everyone's Flight With Their Brawl

Flying sucks. You’re trapped in a metal tube, hurtling through the sky, and strapped in next to is all manner of maniacs and their significant others.


The Associated Press reports that a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles had to return to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after a couple got into a dispute that rattled the crew. A spokesman for the airport, Patrick Hogan, says that the flight departed at 6:20 pm, but was back by 7:35. According to ABC 13, the crew called in 20 minutes after to take off to say they were returning. Airport police arrested the very pissed off man and woman, who got caught on film as they were lead down the aisle in cuffs.

The footage shows some sort of last minute resistance to being removed, which the AP says was the man attacking other passengers, but he is eventually subdued by the officers. The woman also remains quite spirited. As she exits, the cameraman jokes, “You’re famous!” She seems to respond to him, yelling, “For what? For what?” For getting kicked off a plane, ma’am, and you did a good job because everyone applauded when you left the stage.


No one could say what started the fight between the couple in the first place, but Fox 9 reports that one passenger witnessed the woman get up to use the restroom during take off, for which she was reprimanded by a flight attendant. Perhaps things spiraled from there. After deboarding, the couple was questioned by police and the FBI. Hogan is waiting to hear if they’re still in custody and what charges they face. Happy holidays, lovers. Save it for the car ride from the airport.

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My husband once pissed me off before a flight. I stared out the window in silence for three hours, out the bus window for one hour and then through a 30 minute information session at the hotel, before finally continuing our fight once ensconced in our room. These people need to be sentenced to a rage repression seminar given by me.