Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Nick Offerman

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Nick Offerman did an AMA on reddit, and it ruled. “What’s the most feminine thing that you do?” user veggietales asked. Offermans’s one-word reply?



Megan Mullally, you’re a lucky bastard.

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Craft thread!

Got a bunch of orders done this week, some sent last week and two go Monday so now I just have two big customs due before Christmas. Both are all plotted on aida though so they shouldn’t take too long.

So for fun, and because I’m currently traveling and don’t want to risk losing someone’s order, I’m working on this in honor of my Christmastime-hating bestie:

I’m going to do one French knot on each point in a different colors and a gold one on top. Festive AND salty!

What are you guys working on? How’s that Christmas rush going? Pics, shop links, tales of craft wins or woes here!