Kanye West Is in Pretty Bad Shape

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On Monday, Kanye West was admitted to UCLA’s medical center after displaying increasingly erratic behavior, ranting about Donald Trump, Beyoncé and Jay-Z and abruptly bailing on several shows. Initial reports offered the form “exhaustion/dehydration” explanation, though it seems the situation is more serious than that.


TMZ reports that although his family was hoping he’d be released in time for Thanksgiving, West will have to continue his hospital stay:

Kanye’s doctor told cops he was suffering from a temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and extreme dehydration, but we’re told the problems go much deeper.

A well-connected Kanye source tells us Kanye’s psychological problems are significant enough so that his insurance policy — which covers lost profits and financial obligations for cancelled concerts due to illness — will almost certainly cover the losses for the 21 concerts he’s cancelled.


Lena Dunham will not be making good on her promise to pack her bags for her “lovely place in Vancouver” following the country’s boneheaded decision to elect Donald Trump as president. She shared the joyous news on Instagram, as one does:

Yes, because most of us don’t have the means to up and move to Canada, anyway.

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