Ana Navarro: 'One Nightmare Is Over, Another Is About to Begin'

Screengrab via CNN.
Screengrab via CNN.

Republican strategist and open Trump hater Ana Navarro appeared on New Day Wednesday morning wearing a #TGIO shirt. That stands for “thank god it’s over,” she explains to host Chris Cuomo, who asked her, “Is it over, or is it just beginning?” Navarro responded, “Well, one nightmare is over, another is about to begin.”

People have been enjoying Navarro this election, as someone who was quite willing to go on TV and lambast Trump and his surrogates from the perspective of a life-long Republican. She was also no fan of the Democratic nominee, and at first said she’d be writing in her mother’s name for the presidential vote, though Navarro eventually admitted she voted for Hillary Clinton. Though Navarro’s shirt seems to imply bad times are behind us, she is clearly unhappy with the election outcome. Cuomo suggested that Trump’s conciliatory acceptance speech was a comforting sign for the future, and she responded, “I found very little comforting last night.”


“I frankly think, as much as I dislike him, he’s now my president,” she said. “Elect. He is our president-elect. This country’s success is all of our success. So, at that point, I wish him success.”

She also seems to be holding out hope that Donald Trump has been playing us, because then there’s a chance that the person he’s represented himself as will disappear after the inauguration. “Let’s hope that he was playing a character for campaign purposes,” she said. “He’s an entertainer. Let’s hope that that’s what he was doing and that the Trump that becomes president, [that he] feels the weight of the position, the responsibility and duty of the position, and realizes that governing a divided country is very, very difficult.”

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I have heard quite a few people express the hope today that trump will become less abhorrent after the inauguration and he was just putting on an act to get elected. Is this bargaining stage of the five stages of grief?