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Well, the Fox News Hosts Have Totally Fucking Lost It

It’s 3:15 on election day, and Fox News is going in hard on the biggest story of the day—Shep Smith’s Chapstick. The hosts have totally lost it, and it’s the best election coverage on air, bar none.


Like most political journalists waiting for the polls to close, Smith and co-anchor Chris Wallace were running out of things to talk about—they were yammering on about which candidate they would rather be at 3 p.m. in Nevada, when Smith dropped his Chapstick on the floor. You better believe Wallace is on the story.

Here’s what happened. Smith dropped his Chapstick and decided to pick it up, live on air. Wallace giggled like a schoolgirl and made fun of him for it. Smith got defensive and said something about taking antibiotics for an ear infection.


“Now America knows,” he lamented. But on the bright side—a minute’s worth of content.

We’ll update as the story develops...

Former Gawker news editor

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Also, I never leave the house without Chapstick. I legit have 15 tubes scattered around my house at any given time. I’m sorry you don’t know the joy of having soft, protected-from-UV-rays lips, Chris Wallace.