Beyoncé Would Like You to Vote for Hillary, And You Don't Want to Upset Beyoncé, Do You?

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Hillary Clinton brought out the big guns during her rally in Cleveland on Friday night, with Beyoncé, Jay Z and Chance the Rapper all showing up to implore the good people of Ohio to not fuck this thing up.


“Beyoncé & Jay Z & Hillary & You?,” the caption says, but the subtext is clear. “Don’t you want to be with the cool kids, over at Club Pantsuit?” it whispers. “Everyone is here.”

The concert was held to urge young black voters—many of whom have been resistant to supporting Hillary—to vote on Tuesday. And you know what? If it takes Beyoncé’s performance of “Formation” to propel people out of their homes and to the polls, fine. I don’t care if the lyrics themselves lift would-be supporters from their kitchen tables and carry them to the voting booths on gentle, bobbing tides. Fuck, I’d be okay with Beyoncé herself showing up with a U-Haul, screaming “GET IN” and driving folks to their polling places. Is that even legal? Whatever.

Also, god damn, that woman can really rock a pantsuit. (You look fine too, Hil.)

You can almost feel Calvin Harris debating the wording of this tweet.

“I am blessed to work with incredible artists,” he taps out. He pauses.

“...@rihanna...” he adds.




“Eh, fuck it,” he says, hitting send.


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