Courtney Love Will Appear in Lifetime's Shakespeare Horror Adaptation A Midsummer's Nightmare

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I had no idea this show was happening, but now that I do, I am inordinately happy: Courtney Love is set to appear in Lifetime’s forthcoming horror anthology series A Midsummer’s Nightmare.

Oh, you hadn’t heard about this wacky pilot coming to the same network that brought you unREAL? It’s basically what it sounds like: a horror remake of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream focusing not on four young lovers and a man running around with the head of a donkey, but a “a modern-day, mind-bending thriller that explores terror, deception and the dark side of love.”

Buckle up, chickens, for this show will likely be bonkers. Here’s a description courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter:

The drama centers on Elena, a young woman reluctantly drawn into a summer getaway-turned-nightmare. The potential series introduces four young lovers who steal off into the woods in pursuit of their romantic desires, but their plans are quickly thwarted when terrifying forces in the deep woods target the stranded group, using their own fantasies and darkest secrets against them.


Love joins the cast as a “mysterious woman in the woods who is part of the sinister forces that turn the lovers’ dream getaway into a nightmare,” alongside the likes of Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from Lost), Eric Balfour (who?) and Rhys Ward, a man who appeared in the very bad American remake of the excellent and creepy French drama Les Revenants.

It’s nice to see Courtney Love getting work! This show sounds like it could be very good or absolutely abysmal. Here’s hoping for an evil donkey and a vicious fairy queen with needle-teeth and a taste for blood.

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Ok so she’s Titania? Actually she might be an interesting choice for a proper version of a Midsummer Nights Dream.