A Cafe in Geneva Wants to Offer You a Robot Blow Job with Your Coffee

Image via Westworld/HBO.
Image via Westworld/HBO.

A “fellatio cafe” where sex workers give men oral sex alongside their coffee order that was set to open in Geneva, Switzerland by the end of the year is undergoing a last minute business remodel, with owner Bradley Charvet (who runs the Swiss escort service Facegirl) considering replacing the sex workers with high-end sex robots.


Originally, Charvet planned to charge men 60 Swiss francs (just over 60 USD) for a drink that includes oral sex from a sex worker who is selected via an iPad. (Note: If you want a latte or a macchiato, it will cost you an extra $5.) But, as Charvet told Swiss outlet Le Matin (translated to English by The Local), “the project is still in the early stages since it has not been approved by Geneva authorities.”

“It’s complicated,” Facegirl’s Bradley Charvet told the paper, saying the commercial sector is not in favour of the plan.

Though prostitution is legal in Switzerland, a spokeswoman from Geneva’s department of security and economy told the paper “paid-for sexual services are banned in public establishments under the law on catering and the sale of drinks.”

As a work-around, Charvet says he’s in talks with an American sex robot manufacturing company to purchase several “lifelike robot-women” for $1,800-3,000. (Hm, seems like we know how this one ends.)

First manufacturing, then the Rite Aid checkout line, and now this. Sooner or later, we’ll all be replaced by robots.

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What would you name your robot sex coffeeshop? I’m rushing to go out so the best I can come up with is Blow Java.